A Knit Classic He'll LOVE

CYCA June 99 Knit ProjectFor cool mornings or late afternoon tennis, nothing is as comfortable and practical as this knit tennis vest from Family Circle Easy Knitting. Classic cables are accented by cranberry and butterscotch color bands at the neckband, sleeves and ribbing.


Sized for Man's Small (Medium, Large). Show in size Medium on the image.


Worsted weight yarn, 3 oz./85g skeins, each approximately 197 yd/181m

  • 5 (5, 6) skeins white (MC)
  • 1 skein each in butterscotch (A) and cranberry (B)
  • One pair each sizes 6 and 8 (4 and 5mm) needles OR SIZE TO OBTAIN GAUGE
  • Size 6 (4mm) circular needle, 24"/60cm long
  • Stitch markers
  • Cable needle (cn)


  • Chest 37 (44, 51)"/92 (109.5, 127)cm
  • Length 241/2 (25, 26)"/62 (63.5, 66)cm

25 sts and 26 rows to 4"/10cm over cable and rib pat slightly stretched, using size 8 (5mm) needles.


Cable and Rib Pattern (multiple of 11 sts plus 5)
Row 1 (RS) P2, *k1, p3, k4, p3; rep from * end k1, p2.
Row 2 and all WS rows K2, *p1, k3, p4, k3; rep from * end p1, k2.
Row 3 Rep row 1.
Row 5 P2, *k1, p3, sl next 2 sts to cn and hold to front, k2, then k2 from
cn, p3; rep from *, end k1, p2.
Row 6 Rep row 2.
Rep rows 1-6 for cable and rib pat.

With smaller needles and A, cast on 115 (137, 159) sts. Work in k1, p1 rib
for 1 row. Change to B and work 2 rows in rib. Change to MC and work 10
rows in rib. Work 2 rows rib with B, 2 rows with A. Change to larger
needles and MC and p next row on WS. Then cont in cable and rib pat until
piece measures 16 (16, 161/2)"/40.5 (40.5, 42)cm from beg.

Armhole shaping
Bind off 8 (9, 9) sts at beg of next 2 rows. Dec 1 st each side every other
row 6 times- 87 (107, 129) sts. Work even until armhole measures 81/2 (9,
91/2)"/21.5 (23, 24)cm. Bind off 20 (26, 37) sts for shoulder, work center 47
(55, 55) sts and sl to a holder for neck, bind off rem 20 (26, 37) sts for

Work as for back to armholes.---
Armhole and neck shaping
Next row (RS) Bind off 8 (9, 9) sts, work to center k st and place this st
on a holder for v-neck, work to end. Cont armhole shaping, AT SAME TIME,
dec 1 st each side of neck edge every other row 23 (27, 27) times-20 (26,
37) sts each side. When same length as back, bind off for shoulders.

Block pieces to measurements. Sew shoulder seams. With smaller needles and
MC, pick up and k 128 (136, 150) sts evenly around armholes. Working in k1,
p1 rib, work 2 rows A, 2 rows B, 3 rows MC, 2 rows B, 1 row A. Bind off in
rib with A.

With circular needle and MC, work across sts from back neck, pick up and k
60 (64, 68) sts from left neck, pm, k1 st from holder, pm, pick up and k 60
(64, 68) sts from right neck-168 (184, 192) sts. Work in k1, p1 rib and
stripe pat as on armhole, dec 1 st each side of center k st every other row
until band is completed. Bind off with A. Sew side seams including armhole


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these instructions. We cannot be responsible, however, for variances in individual techniques, human errors or typographical mistakes.

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